Over the past couple years, I've started taking basecamp type trips again.  Now, there is NOTHING wrong with paddling 9 thousand miles into the interior of the park.....but I always ask myself........WHY.

This year, I finally found out EXACTLY why.  We decided to take a trip through Ely.  This was my first trip into the park via Ely, and it was a pretty decent trip.  We did manage to see MORE people in 1 trip than ALL my other trips combined.  This was mostly due to the type ot trip that we chose to take, but some of the traffic is directly related to our plans to go into the park via Ely.  

In the future, all Ely trips will be DEEP trips......meaning, NO 1-2 portage base camp type trips. 
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Boundary Waters/Quetico Spring Trip for 2005

May 26th - June 4th, 2005