Boundary Waters/Quetico Spring Trip for 2002

June 15th-23rd, 2002
This trip is very similar to the trip my group took last year.  The players are a little different, and we actually added two additional members to our group.  These two members had never been to the Boundary Waters, or Quetico.  Both were avid campers, and hikers, and they had most of the gear necessary to make this trip successful.  One of the guys had been a canoe instructor at a local camp.  This experience would be helpful in navigating Cache Bay in huge waves and strong winds.

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Day 1:A change in Plans
Day 2:Fishing Cache Bay
Day 3:Bluebird Days
Day 4:Other Man Lake
Day 5:Back to Jasper
Day 6:Blackstone.....Anyone?
Day 7:Lounging Around
Day 8:Going Home
Final Thoughts