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Yet another FANTASTIC trip into Quetico.  

The players this year:  GeoFisher, Dave B, GadgetMan and Kristen, CHMS, and Dan S.  All members of this team are avid outdoors people, with Geo, Dave, GadgetMan, Chms, and Dan S. having made numerous canoe trips into Quetico and the Boundary Waters.

Kristen was the only rookie on this trip, but by day 2 or 3, you could NOT tell she'd never been in the part.  She was a TROOPER on the portages, never griped about anything, and actually handled the whole experience better than MANY other members of my trips.  

GadgetMan and Kristen had planned to only do a 4 or 5 day trip, so we opted to get a couple permits, and travel together.  THIS worked out GREAT.  It gave Kristen and Gadget travel options that were not needed.  They were both worried about keeping up but that was not a problem.  

The trip was originally planned for Kawnipi, but we chose to change it a few months prior to the trip......We had planned 2 days in and 2 days out but that would have only left 1 day for Dave and Kristen at our "basecamp" destination. 

Instead of rushing them the entire trip, we chose to change the destination base camp lake to McEwen.  

Trip report Forthcoming.
Boundary Waters/Quetico Fall Trip for 2008

August 29th - September 7th, 2008