Finally, after a couple years of planning, DaveB, KatieB, MadNat, and I have been able to put a trip together.  I met DaveB and KatieB while on a canoe trip back in 2004 on the Little Miami River in Ohio.  Since that day, we have tried to put a trip together.

Well this is the trip report from that trip........

Also, along on this trip were Otha, and his eldest son, Christopher.........They had been on a trip a couple years previous with the Boy Scouts, and had wanted to visit the eastern end of the park.

This trip, even though the fishing was not the best, and the weather was the HOTTEST I've seen up there, was one of the BEST trips I've EVER taken.  I was able to introduce my wonderful daughter, MadNat to the park the RIGHT way......and she loved it so much, we're already planning a trip for next year.

One other note.....this trip was documented by MadNat, and this is HER story:
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Boundary Waters/Quetico Spring Trip for 2007

June 9th - June 17th, 2007