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I have always wanted to visit Crooked Lake.  I've heard quite a few stories about Crooked and its famous fishing.  On this trip, we would visit crooked lake.

4 seasoned paddlers, with over 70 years of combined Boundary Waters experience (GadgetMan, Chms, Bulin, and Me), along with 1 rookie (Nathan), and 2 Newbies with 5 years of combined experience (Wayne, and Hamlet).

This was a hard push into Crooked, and then 6 days of fishing, than a hard day out of the park.  All in all the trip turned out pretty good.  Everyone seemed to have a great time, and the fishing was as good as it could be, considering it rained consistently for 5 of the 8 days.

A trip report will be posted soon.............
Boundary Waters/Quetico Spring Trip for 2012

May 25th, 2012 - June 1st, 2012