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Members:  GeoFisher, MadNat, Ashley, DaveB, SamB, DanS and AaronS.

This trip was another easy, laid back base camp type trip.  I knew the fishing would not be great, since it was an early August trip.  I also expected the bugs to be horrible, but we were pleasently surprised.  The bugs were not too bad at all.

We checked a lot of sites headed into the park and managed to miss out on staying on one of my favorite sites because we took too long getting there.  This is the first trip that I've actually had a group "race" me to a campsite.  

We were in Second Bay, and saw a canoe rounding the corner while we were checking out the Second Bay campsite.  They motioned to another canoe, which quickly unloaded their gear into the first canoe and then too off like a bat out of Hell.  AND I mean, they were power stroking, trying to beat us to the next site.  We pushed hard, knowing all along we were headed across the Swamp Lake Portage, and Monument, and the finally, the Ester Portage.

It was fun joking about.  I suspect the campsite was open because we did not see the group on Monument Portage, and had the site been taken, they would surely have went across Monument, looking for campsites on the other side.

Oh well. 
Boundary Waters/Quetico Summer Trip for 2013

August 4th, 2013 - August 9th, 2013