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Boundary Waters/Quetico Spring Trip for 2011

June 10th - June 19th, 2011
Base Camping on Zephyr:

This was another neat, laid back trip.  Mots and I had been talking about a trip for a few years, and his wife finally agreed to another trip.  It had been many, MANY years since Mots had been up north, and he was really looking forward to the opportunity.

Our group initially was set at 8, then 7, then, 6, then, 4, then, 5.....and finally back to 4.  I really don't like planning this way, but sometimes that happens.  We were literally down to the last 2 weeks before we LOCKED in the group.  

Mots had wanted to go rather deep into the park, but it was clear from day one that we were too heavy to do any serious portages.  Monument and Ester are SERIOUS, if you ask me.  We settled on a base camp on Zephyr.

Fishing was subpar, but we did manage one day to stick 80 or so nice smallies.  We also managed to catch walleye on quite a few occasions.

On another note:  Another GREAT friend of mine ended up spending the week with us with his family.  I kind of thought this would be the case, since they were base camping, and there were NO campsites available anywhere on from American Point West to Little Knife. 

I don't know where they would have ended up, but the day they came in, the wind was CRAZY and we offered them our campsite.  

Ray and Mots decided earlier in the trip to spend 3-4 nights out on a deep "probe" of Ester, Hanson, Link and some of my older stomping ground.  Since the Permit was in Mots name, he took the permit with him, and and Wayne and I "rode" on the permit of my good friend.