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Nathan has always wanted to return to the Boundary Waters and Quetico, so with my spring trip in  2016, I decided to put a trip together for Nathan to visit Quetico and for Dave B to introduce his Son Sam B. to Quetico.   

Sam had been on trips before, but never this deep or remote.   It would be an experience for both the boys, as well as Dave and I.

We fished multiple different lakes, and all in all had a good time.    Dave and I both realize that taking teenage boys into the park requires either a larger group, or a shorter trip, becaue the boys were hard to keep engaged for 10 days.

Also, if you plan on these type of trips, ALL electronics, except for Group leaders should be left at home.  Even though the park is a remote park, there is a good possibility that you will have cell phone reception in some areas, and that reception can be a double edged sword.   

We found coverage DEEP inside the park and it proved to be quite a challenge to not use and engage in the outside world.    

One of the reasons I go so deep is to completely decompress from life.   On this trip, life followed us 30 miles into the interior of Quetico
Quetico Spring Trip for 2016

June 2nd, 2016 - June 10th, 2016