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Boundary Waters/Quetico Spring Trip for 2008

May 31st - June 7th, 2008
This was another "interesting" trip..........I had decided a few years ago that I really wanted to get one of my friends, Martinson into Quetico and the BWCA.  I had also told my daughter Natalie (MadNat) that I'd take her whenever she wanted to go.  

This year, All my other trip partners either had plans, our could not go, and since I needed to wait until MadNat was out of school, I opted for a trip that included MadNat, myself, and Martinson.  

Martinson had gone fishing many times with me in the past, but we had NEVER camped together, and I don't believe he had gone very much as a kid.  

The trip was set.........MadNat, Martinson, and ME.  

We had a Fantastic trip........One of the best.  Great weather, FANTASTIC food, GREAT company, and pretty FANTASTIC fishing.