This page was last updated on: December 23, 2022
Finally, I was able to take a trip with my good friend John N.  John and I have been trying for about 10 years to put a trip together.  We finally accomplished that task.  Due to some creative requirements, this was a little different trip.  We ended up base camping on Fourtown, at what I would call a solid 4 star campsite.

Members of my crew this year:  GeoFisher and Dave B.  John N and Andy S.  Pat K. and Dave S, and Kevin C.  

I had been  to planning meetings with John N, and Pat K, but I have never been on a trip with either of them.  The tirp was fantastic, and I would definitely do it again.
Boundary Waters - Fall 2014

August 22nd - August 29th, 2014