Boundary Waters/Quetico Fall Trip for 2002

August 30th - September 7th, 2002
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This trip is the first trip that I have taken to the Boundary Waters in September.  I was a little "upset" with the fishing on this trip........we did catch some fish, but not nearly like we do in the Spring.

The players:  GeoFisher, Mots, Gadgetman and Daphne.......

Daphne cannot swim, so that lead to some interesting discussions.  By the end of the week, she was fine in the canoe.

Since I had injured my back on my June trip, it was decided that this trip would be a very easy, laid back, base camping trip.  That is exactly what the doctor ordered.  We setup camp on Second Bay on Saganaga.  From this camp, we were able to fish Swamp, Zephyr, First Bay, Second Bay, and Third Bay.

We rode out one rather large thunderstorm, fought wind every day, ate like kings, and managed to catch some fish.

All in all..........the trip was a keeper.