Boundary Waters/Quetico Fall Trip for 2004

September 3rd-12th, 2004

My last trip to the Boundary Waters in the fall was a base camping type trip.  This fall trip would be a little different.  We still planned on base camping, but we also had planned an overnight trip to Ester, Hanson, and Link.  That overnight trip turned into a monster daytrip from Zephyr.  Not too bad when compared to the MONSTER daytrip that Dan and I took in the spring, but still, pretty taxing.

I've said it before, and I will say it again.......The fishing in the fall is really tough.  We managed to catch fish every day, but the fish were hard to find, and we really didn't put any quality fish in the boat.  

Some of our favorite places in the spring yielded limited fishing opportunities in the fall.  SmallieSaver and I tried many different approaches, including live bait, and could not find the walleye.  Oh well, maybe next year.

A complete trip report is currently being the meantime, enjoy my trip pictures.

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